Mr. Sawn has over 36 years of experience in the architectural design industry, including all types of construction projects. Projects ranging from Hospital and Healthcare Facilities, Educational and Industrial Facilities, Service Stations, and retail centers. Mr. Sawn has also provided Planning and Design for Fire Stations, Auto Dealerships, Cellular Communication Sites, Restaurants, Hotels and Custom Residential projects.

The Built Environment is the culmination of our minds imagination and our spirit for greater achievements. We all (mankind) seek to better our world and surroundings, to inspire our collogues, friends, and family and achieve greater substance in our lives.

The Built Environment can be as complex as a tree, with its roots stubbornly gripping the ground and creating a great foundation to support the beauty of its trunk, branches,

and leaves which create shelter and shade. A tree will grow to seek the light, and shed its leaves in the winter to warm its roots from decay.

 The Built Environment can also be as simple as… a tree, set in the right location.

Pearcy Live Work Building

R. L. Sawn Design Studio

Residential and commercial design

the below are rendered views of models done in our 3d parametric program -  autodesk revit

“Providing Unique Approaches to the Built Environment utilizing 3D Building Information Modeling”

R. L. Sawn


R. L. Sawn


With the correct design and planning, we can provide a clear understanding of your project with Building Information Modeling.

Mr. Sawn started his career on the job site as a general laborer and framer. Doing so, Mr. Sawn developed an understanding of the construction process that one can only get while working on the job, learning general construction methods and materials and can provide a complete esthetic sense to the project, adding value and substance.