R. L. Sawn Design Studio




RESIDENTIAL PROJECTS: (Restaurants and Hotels)

  1. Addante Residence Remodel and Addition - Whittier, CA
  2. Devlin Residence Addition - Costa Mesa, CA
  3. Miller Residence - Custom Home - Coto De Caza, CA
  4. Rubio Residence Addition - Costa Mesa, CA
  5. Vogel Residence Renovation - Huntington Beach, CA
  6. Radcliffe Residence Addition - Yorba Linda, CA
  7. Brown Residence Additional and Remodel - Riverside, CA
  8. Percin Residence Remodel and Addition - Laguna Beach, CA
  9. Sowko Residence - Custom Home - Pennsylvania
  10. Hawkins Residence Addition - Villa Park, CA
  11. Sikita Residence Remodel and Addition - Riverside, CA
  12. 2 Custom Spec. Homes - Montebello, CA
  13. Fong Residence Remodel and Addition, - Monrovia, CA
  14. Ingram Residence Custom Home - Laguna Beach, CA
  15. Pearcy Live/Work Office and Residence - Riverside, CA
  16. Wheeler Residence Addition - Corona, CA
  17. Marriott Residence Addition - Anaheim, CA
  18. Sunrise Senior Care Assisted Living - Claremont, CA
  19. Sunrise Senior Care Assisted Living - Pacific Palisades, CA
  20. Sunrise Senior Care Assisted Living - Riverside, CA
  21. Sunrise Senior Care Assisted Living - Mission Viejo, CA
  22. Canyon Residential / Mixed Use - Laguna Beach, CA
  23. Young Residence Custom Home - Emerald Bay, CA
  24. Davenport Residence Addition and Remodel, Dana Point, CA
  25. Rahimian Residence Remodel and Addition - Laguna Beach, CA
  26. Riverstone Apartments Renovation - W. Covina, CA
  27. Bear Residence Remodel and Addition - Newport Beach, CA
  28. Smith Residence Remodel - Newport Beach, CA
  29. Adams Residence Remodel - Newport Beach, CA
  30. Boe Residence Addition - Moreno Valley, CA
  31. Taveres Residence Remodel - Newport Beach, CA

R. L. Sawn Design Studio contracts consultants for a wide range of services. We select our consultants based upon need for a particular project and their care and quality given to that project. Some projects may only require the services of a structural engineer, electrical engineer, or landscape architect. But some projects need to be evaluated at the very beginning for the proper consultants to be contracted for that particular project. Some of the various consultants are listed below: (Refer to you proposal for exact consultant service provided for your particular project). Consultants may also be provided / needed during the course of the project based on changes to the original direction or as may be needed by local agencies to perform the desired project.

Structural Engineers                 Electrical Engineers                Mechanical Engineers                 Landscape Architects

Soils Engineers                            Civil Engineers
Asbestos Abatement                   Lead Paint Abatement           Acoustical Engineers                   Interior Designers                  Kitchen Consultants                    Historical Consultants
Land Planners                             Roofing Consultants

Product Representatives            Exterminators                        Specifications Writers                 Construction Estimators
Agency Specialists                       Arborist

R. L. Sawn Design Studio offers our clients a full range of pre-construction services; planning and design services, renovation services, post-construction services, and general consulting services related to the built environment. We also Joint Venture with other local Architects depending on the project. We strive to deliver intelligent quality design products and services that enable our clients to achieve their goals, stimulate their imagination and enrich their lives.

R. L. Sawn Design Studio can provide all or part of the following services:

  • Site Selection
  • Master Planning
  • Project Feasibility
  • Strategic Planning
  • Programming
  • Architectural Design
  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Interior Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Signage Design

HOSPITALITY PROJECTS: (Restaurants and Hotels)

  1. Quiet Cannon Restaurant - Long Beach, CA
  2. Quiet Cannon Restaurant - Montebello, CA
  3. McDonald's Restaurant - Mira Mesa, CA
  4. McDonald's Restaurant - Buena Park, CA
  5. McDonald's Restaurant - City of Industry, CA
  6. McDonald's Restaurant - San Diego, CA
  7. McDonald's Restaurant - Rialto, CA
  8. McDonald's Restaurant - Santa Ana, CA
  9. Burger King - Los Angeles, CA
  10. Senior Sushi - Huntington Beach, CA
  11. La Salsa Mexican Food - Beverly Hills, CA
  12. La Salsa Mexican Food - Northridge, CA
  13. La Salsa Mexican Food - Woodland Hills, CA
  14. La Salsa Mexican Food - Newport Beach, CA
  15. La Salsa Mexican Food - Cerritos, CA
  16. La Salsa Mexican Food - Sacramento, CA 
  17. Checkers Drive Thru Restaurant - Chicago, Ill
  18. Gourmet Bean Coffee - Anaheim, CA
  19. Gourmet Bean Coffee - Newport Beach, CA
  20. Koo Koo Roo's - Long Beach, CA
  21. Johnny Rockets Restaurant - Laguna Niguel, CA
  22. Marina Del Rey Marriott - Marina Del Rey, CA (3)
  23. Fairfield Inn Hotel - Palm Desert, CA (2 projects)
  24. Warner Center Marriott Hotel - Woodland Hills, CA (2)
  25. Travelers Inn Hotel - Guadalupe, AZ
  26. Residence Inn Hotel - Manhattan Beach, CA
  27. Fairfield Inn Hotel - St. George, UT
  28. Penny Sleeper Inn Hotel - Anaheim, CA
  29. Towne Place Suites Hotel - Orem, UT
  30. Towne Place Suites Hotel - Fresno, CA
  31. Travel Centers America - Rancho Cucamonga (truck Stop)